Walk 4 Water Day

Walk 4 Water Day

​In 2019, Gravity Water launched the Indonesia Initiative to expand its water relief efforts to communities throughout the Nation’s island communities. Gravity Water worked with local companies and communities to create an impact that could be managed, maintained, and sustained by the local communities throughout the future. With Indonesia receiving a large amount for rainfall each year, and with rainwater harvesting being a common cultural practice for communities throughout Indonesia, Gravity Water had a natural and welcomed approach to providing clean drinking water to communities in need.

Gravity Water first broke ground in Indonesia through the installation of a Gravity Water system at a public school in the Kintamani District of Bali, Indonesia.

Songan School is located in the Kintamani region of Bali, Indonesia. Like most schools in Indonesia, clean drinking water is only available through the purchase of plastic bottled water. Though many students would purchase the single-use plastic 240 ml (one cup) water bottle, a lot of students at this school wouldn’t be able to afford it. Instead, the students would drink rainwater which they would collect with a bucket from the water storage tank. This led to frequent water borne illness for the students year-round, with the most severe cases happening during rainy seasons.

Gravity Water worked to alleviate this issue by installing a 2,800 liter Gravity Water system, which provides ALL of the students with a free, on-site, and safe source of drinking water they can use every day. In addition to building the clean water system, Gravity Water also repaired their 20,000 liter cement storage tank and connected a brand-new rainwater harvesting system and pump system, that the school can use year-round for clean water access and to refill the Gravity Water system during low-rain periods.

This Gravity Water system not only provided this entire school with a permanent and free source of safe drinking water, it also provided an amazing secondary benefit: Songan School used approximately 60,000 single-use plastic water bottles per year; now, with the installation of the Gravity Water system, this school will reduce its plastic-waste footprint by removing 60,000 single-use plastic water bottles from circulation every single year!

This project was made possible through the assistance of local community members, local government support, and financial support from One Wheel, Sereno Group, Karma House Bali, and support from our monthly members and donors.

In Fall of 2019, Gravity Water will be returning to Indonesia to expand clean water access for children at schools throughout the country.

​Please support our work in Indonesia by sponsoring a child and help us bring clean drinking water to communities in need.

#Walk4WaterDay takes place on Saturday, July 18th 2020, the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. During this day, all participants are asked to walk, run, bike or hike at least five miles (~8 kilometers) in support of clean water access for all people around the world. During your walk, run, bike or hike take a picture and tag @Walk4WaterDay and @GravityWater to be featured on our pages. 
Want to make your walk even more challenging? Carry one or more gallons (4+ Liters) of water during your entire trip, to gain an understanding of what millions around the world experience every day.

Therefore Michael Passage, who’s roots are in Indonesia decided to “Hike 4 Water” on Saturday 18 July 2020 at “Bridge To Nowhere Trailhead” in La Verne and hopes to have company from others during these 12 miles. He has set up a campaign to raise funds for The Gravity Water Songan School Project in Kintamani, Bali, Indonesia.

Every $13 Michael Passage will raise provides a child with access to a permanent source of safe drinking water and 12-month supply of hand soap for their family. Your generous donation can be donated in the campaign in the link below :

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