…This Dutch supercar is the first passenger car ever to go through the corner with 2G…

…This Dutch supercar is the first passenger car ever to go through the corner with 2G…

Dutch sports car brands, they certainly exist! And they make very special cars. This supercar made in Lelystad is an example of this. It is the first car suitable for people who can bend so hard that the G-forces build up to 2. How is that possible? Just build a super strong, fast and light sports car with the right construction.

The Donkervoort D8 GTO-JD70

Donkervoort is a Dutch car brand that excels in making supercars. For the normal family car, it is better to be with French or German colleagues, although French brands prove to be the least reliable. The Donkervoort cars are extreme in several respects. The car they now own is groundbreaking in several ways. He pulls up like a rocket and shoots off. But that’s not all, because it can bend with enormous forces thanks to its unique construction.

A supercar of proportion

This car is so fast that you can better look at the time in which it reaches 200 km / h. Officially that is 7.7 seconds. Just for the comparison: if a rocket is on the road for eight seconds, it will go 20 meters per second, this supercar will already hit the 56 meters per second.

It is therefore no surprise that it accelerates almost as fast as the mega-fast Apex AP-0. You can reach 100 km / h within 2.7 seconds. The top speed is 280 km / h and that high speed is partly due to the weight. At only 680 kilos, it is one of the lightest cars, thanks to the carbon fiber body. With 415 hp under the hood, you can therefore achieve great speeds in a short time.

Unique in its kind

The Donkervoort D8 GTO-JD70 is a unique car due to several aspects. For starters, only 70 are made. So if you have one you are one of the few happy owners who can test it well. In that test, you would then notice that the car can handle tight corners. The construction and suspension in combination with the tires ensure that it can handle forces up to 2G. Donkervoort itself says that no other passenger car can.

Despite the light weight, pleasant features such as (lightweight) air conditioning and power steering have not been saved. Driving in the rain is made safe by the adjustable traction control, which knows when the rear slips and corrects it. Furthermore, it is nice that the 2.5 cylinder turbo engine from Audi automatically provides intermediate throttle when downshifting.All in all, the Donkervoort D8 GTO-JD70 is one for the real enthusiasts, but then you have to pay only € 163,636 /$183,840 for it. But then you have a Dutch supercar that can join the big ones… “It ain’t much if it ain’t Dutch”…


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