We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your business and trust in our company. Please see the attached document just to make sure everything looks good and numbers add up.
Please confirm that window sticker of the car is the actual car you have agreed to get. The VIN# on the sticker is the “ACTUAL” car that you will be driving!!!
Please look over the Terms, Total out of Pocket (Down + Drive off), annual mileage allowed, and anything else that was discussed or promised by your broker.
Lastly, please acknowledge you have read and verified the vehicle and the deal itself. Also aware of the $500.00 service fee which was discussed by your broker.

Thank you for your business and welcome to the Passage automotive family!!


I agree to a service of $500.00 as discussed by Passage automotive BROKERS representative for services rendered. This fee will apply and must be paid prior to delivery to our office or location of your choice.

I have received a copy of the window sticker or invoice of the vehicle and am in agreement with and understand this is the car that I will be acquiring.
I have also received the monthly breakdown, how many months, how many annual miles, the term of the lease, the monthly payments (Including tax), the full options list of the vehicle and in agreement with this as well.
My Passage automotive representative has notified me of a $500.00 service fee to deliver the vehicle at our offices or location of your choice.
Some people might ask why we do this… It’s to protect the client and the brokerage, more often than not, a car will arrive and the client will see it and realize they wanted different wheels, options, navigation, sometimes they choose the color and once seen in person they change their mind. We can not “RETURN” cars like they are clothes.. 🙂 This also ensures that the client knows exactly what they are doing and there will be no “MISCOMMUNICATION” !!!

Thanks for understanding and congrats on your new car!!!

By completing the section below, I have read and understand the agreement. By clicking the “Bring Me My Car” button I agree to the above terms.